My Top 10 Pursuits of Happiness

I’m on the search for my match-made-in-heaven-hobby! Actually, I’ve been searching for years but I’ve never really zeroed in on any specific interests (besides the obvious teaching) until now.

1. Blogging – This is a new one. I’m a private person by nature and I’ve always loved writing (though I’m not exceptionally eloquent). Since the age of 7, I’ve kept my thoughts hidden in journals, but I’m going to venture out of my shell and see if blogging is indeed something I enjoy.

2. Reading – Non-fiction in particular sparks my interest as of the last couple of years. I absolutely love reading memoirs, biographies and people’s real life experiences. I find it completely fascinating and eye-opening. A recent favourite of mine is “Infidel” by Ayan Hirsi. 

3. Dance fitness – I don’t know if I can call this a hobby, but it’s definitely an interest! For the last couple of months, I’ve attended an upbeat dance fitness class and although I’m sweating bullets 10 minutes in, it’s exhilarating and so much fun. Especially since I go with my friends.

4. Documentaries – I’m always in such a dazed state of contentment after a good documentary. It gives me so much to think about. My top 3 recommended are: The Medici – Godfathers of the Renaissance, Le Jeu de la Mort (The Game of Death), Born into Brothels. You won’t be disappointed!

5. Classic films – You can’t watch Fred Astaire dancing with Ginger Rogers without wishing you were born in that era. And there’s something so comforting about a black and white film. I can’t even begin to list my favourites.

6. Musicals – Yes, there’s no doubt about it. This is my oldest interest. Since the age of 6, I grew up listening to Phantom of the Opera and Les Misérables. My sisters and I love spontaneously bursting into song. Anything from Sunset Boulevard to JCS we adore.

7. Photography – I’m by no means an expert. I don’t even own a super camera, but I love  taking my time capturing what my mind has already captured as beautiful or poetic. Sometimes, it’s just because I love colour.

8. Travel – There’s nothing quite like exploring a city by foot. There’s also something very philanthropic about traveling. You meet such interesting people and you share wonderful moments although everyone is a stranger to one another. And when in a city filled with age old history, I can’t help but be still and, as geeky as this makes me sound, take in the wonder of it all.

9. French – I never imagined as a kid sitting in fourth grade French class that one day French would become one of my greatest passions. I’ve had the privilege of living in Quebec and in France and I’ve met amazing people along the way that have encouraged me and only brought me closer to this language. Today, I go to French Meet-ups where I meet once a week at a café with people all over the city for a couple hours of French conversation.

10. Baking – Actually I must admit, I’m not terribly enthused about the process of baking (it’s similar to cooking which I loathe). But anyone who knows me can tell you that I can never say no to cookies/cakes/pies/etc. ! So this is something that I’d like to eventually develop into a hobby. My latest venture was a failed attempt on raspberry macarons (see picture). Hollow on the inside and painfully too sweet.


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