Summer bliss and an apology

I’m sitting outside in my backyard picnic bench and wishing everyday could be like this. There is no cloud in the sky, the sun is not blistering hot, but golden, and the insects are at a minimum. My dog is pitter pattering about in the yard and just looking at him makes me smile and love him more. I’m thinking it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make writing outdoors into a daily routine… until late September at least.

Well, it has indeed been a while. So I apologize to whoever is actually following this blog. You haven’t missed much, except I have finally graduated from university and I am now armed with a Bachelor of Arts and Education, ready to take on the world of teaching. I’ve been job searching ever since I returned from a family vacation to Hong Kong and China in the month of May. I’ve applied to over fifteen positions, sat through two interviews, and been offered one job (that I’ve turned down but will explain later). So now it’s back to square one of perusing the internet for any job openings, but I doubt I will find anything for the fall. It’s been a tough year for teachers all over the province.

What made me turn down that job I mentioned earlier you ask? Well, I might have accepted the offer if it wasn’t practically August already which would mean extreme stress since I would have to do a copious amount of planning, find a place to live in a remote town and move there all within three weeks. Otherwise, the job would have been right up my alley. Sort of. I would be teaching grade 4-12 French as a Second Language (easy peasy!) and… grade 7-8 Science (AHHHH!!!). So you see, it’s a lot to prepare, especially for a first year teacher.

What’s my next step? Well, I plan to be taking a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course in the fall and then apply to teach either in France or in Hong Kong. Quite the difference in location, I know. I want to teach in France for at least a good year because I want to really solidify my French. After Chicoutimi, Dijon, and Sherbrooke, I’m well on my way towards fluency but I’m still discontent. Hong Kong is also an option simply because the pay is very good for English teachers and there are many positions available, plus I can speak the language and I already know the city. So we’ll see what happens. It’s nice to be writing in this blog again. I’m definitely going to try to keep the entries coming!




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