Finding God in Sherbrooke

I found a church in Sherbrooke, Québec! I attended a service on Sunday and tonight I went to a Bible study led by the pastor (there were 5 of us). To be frank, I’ve been feeling quite far from God lately. I haven’t been making an effort to do my devotions and I’ve been so preoccupied with, well.. me. So let me tell you how tonight set me straight. Tonight, we talked about Philippians 4:4-9. It was a new interpretation of the passage for me, so it was very pleasant discovery! I have been working at the Club de Débrouillard for about a week and a half now and it’s not exactly the most exciting job in the world. The science summer camp doesn’t start until late June, so until then, my friend and I need to do lots of research and once in a while test out experiments. At first, I was quite disappointed with the lack of human interaction in the office because I came to Quebec this summer so determined to perfect my French. There were a few times where I regretted coming here because I didn’t feel like I really wanted to do this job. I even envied the other exchange students who were in Montreal who get to interview new immigrants in French and actually talk! But the more I let myself take in all the negative, the worse I felt. Until tonight. The verses we read – I have always interpreted them separately, but when we read them together and made the connections, I had a eureka moment! It’s like I had always looked at this passage in 2-D but tonight I saw it in 3-D. Haha… if that makes any sense. This whole passage, it’s an exchange between us and God. Verse 6 is us giving God our worries and anxieties. In exchange, God gives us peace and joy and to replace our anxieties, He’s telling us that our focus should be on Verse 8 –  whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable… All of this tonight was God speaking to me – Rejoice always! Stop stressing about the most minute things, instead focus on what really matters. Praise God – He is forever faithful.


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