Home sweeeet home

it’s so weird getting used to typing on an english keyboard again. it was bittersweet this morning when my Chicouti-family dropped me off at the airport. i cried a little bit on the plane when it finally hit me how much i was going to miss the kids. but i called the family once i got the chance and it was so nice to hear their voices again. i’m really going to miss them. i’m still thinking a little bit in French right now, but i think i’ll be back in English mode in a few days. overall, i loved the experience! now i have a better understanding of the history, politics, and culture in Quebec. the best part for me i think was meeting so many different and interesting people. it’s remarkable how quickly friendships can blossom in just a few weeks. my chinese has gone a bit downhill though haha… i was describing my trip to my grandparents today and had trouble finding the right words. i’m really going to miss the family. They were so wonderful. Best experience i’ve ever had – if you ever get the chance to do something like this, GO! you will not regret it ;)

hugs and kisses.


One thought on “Home sweeeet home

  1. I’m so excited to see you Ardy! I want to hear allll about your trip. *hugs* and prayers for the settling in again. It’ll be a little tough, but you’re a tough cookie ;) Love you.

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