Let me rewind back to Friday at the Soirée Cinéma… as you might already know, the pictures are up on facebook :) so you can take a look at that right after you read this. There were some pretty amazing costumes! And the animateurs did a wonderful job organizing the event! But after a night of non-stop dancing, everyone gets a little tired.

On Saturday, we made a trip to the mall and it was fun because we stopped at the dollar store and picked out little gifts for Alex and Noémy :) Later on, we bought a fudge cake for the family (mmm… there’s still a piece in the fridge). The people here in Québec smoke a lot. And the roommate got hit on by a drunk man at the bus stop… it was pretty creepy.

Sunday morning all the students piled onto the buses (it’s impossible to sleep on that bus! my head kept banging against the window so i just stopped trying), and we set off for Tadoussac. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t so nice that day. The rain was almost going horizontal. It was slightly funny though. So after a nice hot chocolate and a little bit of walking in and out of boutiques, we got on the boat for 3 hours of whale watching. There were actually a lot of whales! mostly the smaller ones (10 metres, 8 tons), and apparently the second biggest whale in the world showed up but i never got to see it :( Some people got pretty soaked.. and it was cold. i think i did a good job of staying dry (even though it meant missing out on some whales) – but it’s worth it because i don’t want to get sick on my last week here! I can’t believe the time has flown by so fast!

à la prochaine fois!


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