Where has the time gone??

Can you guys believe it’s already August? Time’s going by incredibly fast.

Yesterday was interesting… about halfway through class, the power went out which meant the cafeteria couldn’t prepare lunch for us which meant we had to find a restaurant. A bunch of us went for sushi, but it was slightly dangerous getting there because the cars here speed all the time and there are no crosswalks or pedestrian lights. So we ended up jay-walking quite a bit. It’s so weird switching to English again. And a little difficult. French words would automatically come out of my mouth. It’s happened the other way around too, with Chinese. I would be saying something in French to someone and then a little Cantonese would slip out. Very strange. Anyway, it was funny, the menu had japanese, english, and french on it. yay for multiculturalism! walking back to the university, we found out that class was cancelled for the rest of the day :D but some of us had to go pee, so we went at the unviersity. and let me tell you, it is not easy feeling your way around a pitch black washroom. although there was a flashlight. It was funny haha…

That evening, we had fondue with our host family! It was soo delicious! Mmm… there was even wine :) After dinner, Jillian and I joined up with other students to go to the Rhythm of the World spectacle. There were stalls an booths on both sides of the streets (everything from food to bags to spray on tatoos to scarves), people everywhere, lanterns lighting up the sky, drum beats echoing down the Rue Racine, and wonderful live music on stage. The way home took a while though. We waited for a bus to come for what felt like an hour, so we just called a taxi and my goodness they are quick!

I shall write more on Monday and you’ll hear about the Soirée Cinema tonight and Tadoussac whale watching!



One thought on “Where has the time gone??

  1. It’s so exciting to hear about your travels, Ardy! I’m jealous. And also very happy for you :P But really really jealous. Maybe one day you and I will have to take a trip to Quebec and you can lead me around in all your Frenchiness. I’m super pumped for our roadtrip, too! I think I’ll send you guys a tentative itinerary of what I’ve got in mind…;) Miss ya! Blessings, dear sister. Praying for you in your homesickness.

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