I wanna go home

Don’t let the title set you off! I really do love it here. The family is incredible, the people here are so friendly, the food… is not terrible (every time i want to complain about the cafeteria food here, i just remind myself of my first year eating at CJ’s). So then what is it? I’m not homesick, I just want to be in the comfort of my own home. You know, eat the food that I love whenever, not being jumped upon by small children (although they can be so much fun!), speaking cantonese! isn’t that odd? i miss speaking chinglish. I also miss going to church and talking about the Bible and everything else under the sun with close friends. I’m almost done. The prof here told us that week 4 is usually a ‘plateau’ for a lot of students. maybe that’s all it is. I hope so. I think I’m just getting weary.



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