Okay, quick recap of the weekend!

On Friday, we had a Soirée Québécoise where everyone had to wear traditional costumes (or if you were like me and didn’t have one, anything plaid worked). There were 5 traditional dances in total and everyone was split off into ‘families’ and these families had to compete against each other in a few games, which i found was really cute. There was also live music and tap dancing. Look for the pictures soon! :)

Saturday I watched a French film and it was interesting.

On Sunday, Jillian and I took the kids to the amusement park where we spent nearly $70 for games, rides, drinks, gifts, etc. But I’d say it was worth it because the kids had a lot of fun! :) It was like a mini version of the Stampede – petting zoo and all! hehe.. there was even a rodeo corral! We really must have been tired at the end of the day because on Monday morning, we both slept in and missed our bus. But we caught the transit and made it more or less on time for class. :D

Today we’re going to the site of Nouvelle France. I hear it’s a lot like Heritage Park.

Love for all!


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