Bonjour mes amis!

Alrighty, i’m going to keep this blog short and sweet because i have class in about 15 min or less. Ok, so Chicoutimi seems to be the favorite place for rain clouds! It was sunny on monday tuesday though when we went to Simoncouche :) it was fun paddling in a canoe along with 7 (more or less) other people! we’re also learning about traditional songs of Québec and we’ve now danced 5 traditional dances. it’s actually quite lovely! It’s incredibly hard to study at the house though because Noémy won’t leave me alone! AHHHH!! she’s insane! cute but insane! Ok, i must go! love for all!


One thought on “Bonjour mes amis!

  1. Parfait! When you come back, you can teach us all the songs and dances on our road trip :D It’ll be epic! A trip to be remembered forever! Tu me manques, enormement!

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