First week

Well, the first week here in Quebec has passed by very quickly and lots have happened since I last wrote! Let me tell you a bit about my Chicouti-family. There is a mom (Caroline) and dad (Guy) and two kids, Alex (9) and Noémy (5). If you read my previous blog, you might be a bit confused. No, there are only 2 kids. I got mixed up haha.. and it`s Noémy, not Amy. It took Jillian (my roommate) and I a while to finally get the name right. So the two of us live in the basement of their lovely home. The kids have a lot of energy! This past week, we swam with them in their pool and played Marco Polo, we played Cache Cache (which is Hide & Seek), ran around the house shrieking, etc. It`s so much fun (and tiring)! And I`ve surprisingly learned quite a bit of French from these kids. They`re really good at explaining things and they`re oh so sweet.

Chicoutimi is an absolutely gorgeous city. The Riviere Saguenay divides the city in half and it`s incredibly stunning to see the city at sunset. On Friday, there was a soirée to welcome the students to Chicoutimi. It was fantastic. Lots of dancing and talking and a bit of drinking. On Sunday, we went to Lac St. Jean with many of the other students to visit a zoo and Val-Jalbert. We saw amazing waterfalls there and also many old buildings built in the early 1900`s (Val-Jalbert is a ghost town).

Yesterday started off with the usual morning routine where we go to class at 8:45am. There are about 15 people in my class and we all get along very well. It`s not boring like normal school like you might think. There are a lot of activities that require interaction and discussion so it`s really interesting! After class, we go to lunch at 12:00pm at the cafeteria. All students are given a food card with money on it so it`s really easy to buy lunch, etc. After lunch, we had our activities. My first one was conversation. So it was basically a group of people practicing how to speak and understand French. Oh! I forgot to mention. During all this time, we must speak French. If we`re ever caught speaking English, we get a warning, and after 3 warnings, we get kicked out of the program. It`s not as bad as it sounds, because everyone is divided off into different levels of French. Anyway, after conversation, I did my second activity which is Artes Plastiques – Modelage. So moulding pieces of clay. That was nice. You can do other activites too like photography, canoeing, rock-climbing, yoga, etc. We saw a Quebec film yesterday called `Grande Seduction` and it was fantastic! SO funny.

I`m so excited for this weekend because we`re going to Quebec City! Tonight, I`m hoping to go to a concert at a cathedral with some friends. Hopefully the weather will be nice, because it rains here quite a bit. I`ll try to get on the computer as often as I can, but it`s hard because there`s no internet at my home and I only get a short amount of time at school. But c`est la vie, n`est-ce pas?



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