Well, much has happened since I last updated! The keyboards over here are a little different, so just ignore the odd symbol ;) Yesterday I arrived in Chicoutimi from Montreal in a tiny little airplane and unfortunately was not able to get a hold of one of my suitcases until today. But praise God I had the my bag with the toiletries with me yesterday. It`s so different and cool here – you could tell right away that you were in a francophone part of Canada when the announcer on the plane spoke French first before translating in English. And, the signs everywhere have French first and English second. So the Explore Program people picked us up at the airport and took us to the university to register and to meet our families. In my host family, there is a mom, a dad, and three kids (Alex, Gabrielle, and Amy). They showed me a little journal that they`ve kept since 2003 of all their past students. They`re such a nice family – the kids are SO fun! They were fascinated with my laptop because they don`t have a computer in the house. So I showed them Paint and they played with that for quite a while. There`s another girl who is living in the house with me and she knows a little more french than I do, so she helps me out when i`m trying to say something :) The 5 year old girl is so cute, she was listening to my ipod yesterday and dancing around.

Today, I had a little tour around Chicoutimi with a few other people. The city is absolutely gorgeous! There`s a river that divides the city (waaaay bigger than the Bow River), and there are cliffs and hills that are just covered in trees overlooking the water. It`s really fun speaking in broken French. A lot of people are at the same level as I am and the coordinators and volunteers are really patient and friendly. I just finished writing a placement test so now I`m just waiting to do my oral interview. At breakfast this morning, the little boy asked if I wanted to go swimming with him in their backyard pool later in the day. For those of you who know me, you know I hate swimming. But this kid was so cute and so nice that I just couldn`t refuse. Ok, I`m going to go do the interview now. Oh another thing, they call Mc Donald`s here Mc Dodo, and their time is always in the 24 hour clock. Ok, i really have  go!

Au revoir!


One thought on “Chicoutimi

  1. Hi Ardipuss :)

    Err, mon amie, tu me manques!! I’m so glad you’re so good with blogging and keeping everyone up to date. It’s lovely to hear that you’re doing well and enjoying your stay so far. Let me know how I can be praying for you. Looking forward to hearing more! Happy Tuesday, lovely! Can’t wait til you come back XD


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