Livin’ it up

So… for the past two days, I’ve been having a wonderful time here in Toronto! Yesterday I had lunch at a restaurant ( in the Royal Ontario Museum. There, I ordered a lobster bisque, potato ricotta gnocchi, and a very yummy citrus tart. MMmMmm… it was delicious. After that, Carita and I went to a shoe museum ( and it was fascinating! Oh the shoes people had to wear back in the days… it was incredible. Later, we strolled down Bloor Ave. which is the equivalent of New York’s Fifth Ave.

Today, being the typical me, I woke up at 2 in the afternoon (but only 12 pm in Calgary so that’s understandable, right?) and had a quick lunch with my Auntie (we talked quite a bit about teaching – she’s a grade 5 teacher) before heading out to Pacific Mall to do some long awaited shopping. It’s like a maze in there, I kept going back into the same stores by accident because they all looked the same! I definitely recommend any girl to go shop at that mall. It might be difficult for guys to find anything as 90% of the stores are women’s clothing and accesories (although the other 10% is food). Speaking of which, we picked up some yummy ‘gai daan jai’ – it’s basically a bite size waffle shaped into a little ball (make a zero with your index and thumb. That’s how big they are!). Afterwards, Carita took me to a nail salon where we met up with two of her friends to get our nails done :) This was my first professional manicure ever and I must say, it was brilliant! Hand massage and everything! I had a little indecisiveness when it came to picking a colour. It was between a soft light pink and a black. I went with the latter. Best choice I’ve made today! I will definitely buy an o.p.i. black polish once I get home. The day ended with a beautifully cooked dinner courtesy of my Auntie Carmen. And have I mentioned just how adorable Cypress (the dog) is? Look for pictures at the end of my trip! You won’t want to miss it!

With love.


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