Salut tout le monde!

Hello world!

As you can see, you are reading my first blog (and a very nice one at that). The reason I started this blog is to update you all about the wonderful happenings in my trip to Chicoutimi, Quebec! Hooray! Why am i going? Well, it all started one ordinary day when I realized that it would be extremely beneficial for my major [French (and Spanish)] if i could get my speaking skills up to the next level. So a French immersion program seemed like a good idea! I’ll be back on August 10th, so please catch me up on everything that’s happened in your extraordinarily intriguing lives. I’m sitting on the edge of my bed right now with clothes strewn all over the place. I haven’t started packing yet (which is probably unwise seeing as I’m leaving bright and early tomorrow), but I have decided to pack light! I really don’t know how often I’ll get the chance to update on here because I might not get internet over there. But who knows? I’ll try to write to you guys every chance I get *hugs* Wish me luck!

À bien tôt!


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